When You Become a Client

DO NOT DISCUSS YOUR CASE WITH ANYONE. If a representative from any insurance company asks you or a family member about your case, please refer them to my office. Do not give the insurance company representative any information, and do not sign any papers whatsoever. The insurance company will be notified that my office represents you.

CORRESPONDENCE FROM PERSONS OTHER THAN YOUR ATTORNEY. Please forward all correspondence and forms that you receive concerning your case to my office (including those documents received from your own insurance company). There is no need to complete or sign any forms unless I ask you to do so.

APPOINTMENTS AND CORRESPONDENCE. If you are unable to attend an appointment with your doctor, me, or anyone else concerning your case, please notify them or me that you are canceling, and immediately arrange a new appointment.

DOCTOR’S ADVICE. Please be sure to follow your doctor’s advice because you can only hope to feel better from your injuries by following your doctor’s instructions. Make sure that you report to your doctor all of your complaints following your accident so that your doctor can properly evaluate your medical condition.

MEDICAL BILLS. If you have medical insurance of any kind, please be sure to consult with your doctor’s office so that they can assist you in applying for all benefits that you may be entitled to. It is helpful to take your insurance forms to your doctor’s office.

EXPENSES. Please keep a record of all expenses connected with your case. Save all bills and receipts for doctors, medications, hospitals, medical appliances, repair estimates, and other bills. Make sure to provide such bills to my office.

LOSS OF EARNINGS. If you lose time from work, please keep a written record of the dates, times, and hours missed, along with the amount of money that you lose in wages. Please contact my office when you return to work so that we can send a letter to your employer to verify your loss of earnings, which will be submitted to the insurance company as part of your damages.

QUESTIONS. Should you have any questions whatsoever regarding any matter, please contact my office at any time.

KEEP YOUR ATTORNEY UP TO DATE. Please inform my office of any of the following:

(a) Changes in your address or telephone number;
(b) Changes in your employment;
(c) Changes in your physical condition;
(d) Date of your return to work;
(e) Date of your discharge from the hospital and/or doctor;
(f) Any additional facts of your accident which occur to you after our initial meeting.

ANOTHER ACCIDENT. Should you become involved in another accident, please notify my office immediately, as it may affect your present case. Also, should you need assistance in any other legal matter, please feel free to contact me.

DIARY. You may want to keep a separate diary of the events that transpire following your accident. Please make sure to update it either daily, weekly, or when something noteworthy occurs. Please make sure that you forward your diary to my office when your medical treatment is completed.

I am here for your protection, guidance, and information. Should you not hear from my office on a regular basis, please call to let us know how you are doing. Before I can properly evaluate your case for potential settlement, it is necessary that I obtain all the information and documents concerning your case. I am here to help you.

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