Slip/Trip and Falls

Homeowners, business owners, and property owners are responsible to maintain and inspect their property, repair any dangerous conditions on the property, and provide adequate warning of any dangerous conditions which exist. As a result, homeowners, business owners, and property owners are responsible to maintain safe conditions upon their property to avoid injuries to visitors, guests, or tenants.

If you or a loved one has slipped or tripped and fallen as a result of a homeowner, business owner, or property owner failing to properly maintain their property, you are entitled to receive payment for your pain and suffering, injuries and damages, lost wages, and medical costs.

What To Do if an Incident Occurs

1. Complete an Incident Report
If your incident occurred at a public location, inform the property manager or store manager. Insist that an incident report be completed, and obtain the responsible party’s name, address, telephone number, and their insurance company information.

2. Collect Evidence!
Take photographs of the scene and your injuries. Write down any information regarding how the incident occurred. Note the date, time, and location of the incident.

3. Witnesses?
Gather information of anyone who witnessed the incident, including their names, addresses, and telephone numbers. Write down any statements made to you by witnesses.

4. Seek Immediate Medical Attention
Immediately after leaving the scene, you should seek medical attention. Call an ambulance if necessary, or go to the emergency room or urgent care. Your injuries could be worse than they first appear. It is essential that you follow your doctor’s orders.

5. Contact My Office Immediately!
I will personally assist you at any time. Contact me immediately for a free consultation. I will spend time with you to obtain information, answer all your questions, and explain your legal rights.

If you are injured in an accident, you have rights!
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